Vehicle Analytics

At DVLA Search, we’re very passionate about the automotive industry, so as a result we really enjoy understanding our huge data set. We adopted vehicle analytics, flexible data analysis and visualization which gave us an incredible capability to explore our large volumes of vehicle data to better understand the automotive industry and identify all sorts of interesting trends.

Dashboard overview

We are going to start with an overview of all our vehicle specification information and filter through the huge amounts of data so we can drill down into more specific information. Let’s start with an overview of what our entire dashboard looks like.

DVLA Search - Automotive Industry

As can be seen from the screenshot above, we have over 100K vehicle specification records, 83 makes, 29K variants across 38 countries. We hold very detailed information about each vehicle, 44 pieces of data to be precise, but we will show a reduced view for this exercise to keep the images a reasonable size.

Now let’s start drilling down into all this data.

For example, starting with something simple, if we wanted to know the country of origin for Vauxhall vehicles, one simple click reveals the answer by selecting Vauxhall from the vehicle makes chart. Upon doing so, all the results in the dashboard are immediately updated. With this new filter applied, we can see there are 16 countries where Vauxhall vehicles originate from, the top three being Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.

DVLA Search - Filter by Vauxhall

Let’s add a second criteria to this filter, let’s look into where the automatic vehicles for Vauxhall originate from. Again, one click on the “Automatic” field in the “Transmission Type” bar chart and the filter is updated along with all of the dashboard. We can see a sudden change in the Country of Origin, Spain has been moved to fourth place as Belgium now sits in third position.

DVLA Search - Filter by Automatic transmission

Now for a third filter, let’s also drill down into the convertible body types. As can be seen from the dashboard below, there are now only 7 countries where an automatic, convertible Vauxhall originates from. The top three being Belgium, Germany and Italy and the UK being in 7th place.

DVLA Search - Filter by convertible

And finally, let’s filter by the United Kingdom only so we can see what vehicles are a Vauxhall automatic convertible that originate from the UK. As seen in the final dashboard, that leaves us with only one option, a Vauxhall Cabriolet.

DVLA Search - Filter by United Kingdom